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Last update: 23/01/2019 22:51:54

I like teaching, I like research, and I like Java, so this blog is a bit of all of that. I mainly write technical posts, which might serve as material for research papers or Java projects, in a style which tries to be accessible to most people. I consider clarity and rigour as top priority requirements, so if you feel like something is hard to understand or not well proven/sourced, don't hesitate to contact me.


I program in Java since 2009, and as a generalist I like to develop libraries which can be reused in many places. Consequently, I have some interest in general structures and methods, leading me to develop several projects (often small, but not always) that you can find on my GitHub account. Now, the best way to make generic stuff is to ensure that it is usable everywhere, which is why I program in Open Source, and more precisely with the CC0 license (as much as possible). Additionally, if I find a project interesting enough, or if I think a lot about some concepts or methods that I use in these projects, I may write posts about them to share the idea in a less technical way than pure code. This is what the following list is about:

Due to my deep interest in genericity, I am also writing a series of posts about Advanced Generic Programming in Java, an activity well suited for library developers but which is different from simply programming with Java generics. To some extents, this series started in October 2014, when I started to help improving the architecture of jMetal, a project about metaheuristics (aka optimization algorithms, like hill climbing, genetic algorithms, and so on). Because I tend to write a lot of details (and because it is interesting, I guess) I received the suggestion of writing a book about it, which I found to be a good idea for better sharing. I am still participating in this project, but now I think it is time to gather all what I said in a proper compilation that other people can reuse for their own projects. These series is still a set of drafts only, so I don't give acces to it now (although hackers may easily find it {^_°}) but I already have some material and I would like to publish some stuff soon. I want to produce a reference on the topic, so feel free to send me an e-mail for any suggestion/feedback that you may have, whether it is about fixes, additions, disagreements, or anything else. Maybe a physical book will be produced out of it, it depends on how it turns out and the feedback I will get.


Beside Java-related stuff, this blog is mainly a place where I centralize questions of interest to me, with a style that I think fits well with research (context-question-method-answer). Some might have proved answers, others not, some might be already published elsewhere (I cite them), others not. I will see later if some structure would be helpful, but for now each blog entry is expected to focus on a single question and to link to other entries focusing on related questions, a bit like Wikipedia but with question-driven links: